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47 , rue A. Dansaert 1000 Brussels - Belgium

31.08.2014: Underwear carries a new brand: Pluto on the Moon.

We now carry the new brand Pluto on the Moon: comfy nightwear for chilly nights.Some Underwear Girls even wear them during working hours!

12.07.2014: Underwear on holidays!

Underwear will be closed from the 4th until the 16th of August.

23.06.2014: Our renowned boxes are back!

Bargain galore at Underwear: our renowned boxes with end of series are back.

13.06.2014: There' s a strong summer vibe at Underwear.

The Underwear Girls are eager to take off to an exotic beach and flaunt their bikini's.But until then we are at your service to help you pick out the most perfect attire for your holiday. We might even stumble upon a bargain...because our renowned boxes will be back from the 21st of June on.