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47 , rue A. Dansaert 1000 Brussels - Belgium

13.11.2014: Paul Smith and Underwear.

Guess who visited Underwear today? The one and only Sir Paul Smith!

16.09.2014: The anniversary of Tine and Fien!

Today is the anniversary of Tine and Fien. They have been Underwear Girls for exactly 8 and 6 years! Congratulations and Santé!

31.08.2014: Underwear carries a new brand: Pluto on the Moon.

We now carry the new brand Pluto on the Moon: comfy nightwear for chilly nights.Some Underwear Girls even wear them during working hours!

12.07.2014: Underwear on holidays!

Underwear will be closed from the 4th until the 16th of August.